Applied Research Consortium

February 18, 2022

Design Delivery: What Really Works?

ARC Fellow: AzitaFootohi
Degree Program: Master of Architecture
Faculty Advisor: Hyun Woo “Chris” Lee, Construction Management
Firm: Mithun
Firm Advisor: Brendan Connolly, Lynn McBride, Nick Wai-Poi, and Katie Stege
Project dates: Autumn 2021 – Spring 2022

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More about the project: 

This research will focus on determining what the most appropriate project delivery method is for a specific project according to its criteria within the scope of traditional design-build, progressive design-build, and CM at Risk (CM/GC). In partnership with Mithun, this research is not to determine a one-size-fits all approach, but instead to look within the scope of a given project and determine, in accordance with the values of the different members of the project team, how the best project delivery method can be selected by looking at how “best value” can be achieved. This study will look further into factors such as perceptions of project success, potential for lifecycle values, design-related values, and construction success.

Understanding the Project Delivery Types (Footohi and Mithun)

Survey Analysis for Spring 2022 (Footohi and Mithun)