Applied Research Consortium

November 15, 2021

ARC hosts eight research projects in 2021-2022

Mithun and ZGF host two projects each, allowing ARC to expand to its largest cohort to date

Gifts from the Applied Research Consortium (ARC) are making it possible for eight ARC Fellows to take the lead on an applied research project in 2021-2022. Topics span a diverse range of topics relevant to the AEC industry.

The projects are listed below, organized by the ARC Fellow’s degree program:


Education and Materiality
ARC Fellow: Noor Awad
Firm: Mithun

Design Delivery – What Really Works?
ARC Fellow: Azita Footohi
Firm: Mithun

MS in Architecture (Design Technology)

Non-Visual Light Health in Neonatal Intensive Care Units through Lighting Measurement, Simulation, and Design
ARC Fellow: Zining Cheng
Firm: ZGF

MS in Architecture (History and Theory)

Regenerative Place-Based Design Practices
ARC Fellow: Bobbie Koch
Firm: 7 Directions

MS in Construction Management

Biogenic Carbon Accounting Method for Upstream Forest and End of Life: A Regional Approach (phase 2)
ARC Fellow: Chuou Zhang
Firm: ZGF


Nursery Practices and Spatial Justice: Exploring Plant Propagation as a Liberatory Practice
ARC Fellow: Seyyada Burney
Firm: GGN

MArch / MLA

Designing Outdoor Learning Environments that Support Educator Wellness and Success
ARC Fellow: Alondra Garcia
Firm: DLR Group


Encouraging Active Transportation through Intentional Design Interventions
ARC Fellow: Markus Johnson
Firm: NBBJ


More detail, including the faculty advisors, firm advisors, and project abstracts, can be found on the People/Fellows page of the ARC website.