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June 30, 2021

Student emergency fund tackles ongoing need

CBE community lifts up students during COVID crisis

The unexpected and sudden crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic has and continues to put great strain on students and student-based programs at the College of Built Environments (CBE). Acting quickly during the early days of the pandemic, the college established the CBE Student Emergency Fund to help address basic student needs including housing, living expenses, food, medical expenses, family care, and materials to support learning from home. Through the generosity of the CBE community, the fund has already received more than $87,000 in gifts and helped more than 220 students, roughly one out of four students at the college.

Students are continuing to feel the impacts of the pandemic, including:

  • Loss of student wages due to job losses
  • Loss of program fees for the Community, Environment & Planning major due to a lack of in-person events, a significant source of revenue
  • Cancellation of study abroad programs through Summer 2021
  • Visa restrictions have impacted wages and travel for our international students
  • Design-build studios have had to make significant adaptations, which has been especially difficult for our graduating students who are working to build and expand their professional portfolios

“The support I’ve felt from the college in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been palpable and inspiring,” wrote one of the fund’s recipients, an undergraduate student majoring in Landscape Architecture. “I’m so grateful that there are resources to support students financially, and while it can be hard to admit that I need assistance, it reminds me that generosity and compassion are what keep our communities alive. I have always felt honored to be in this relatively small department at the UW, and to experience the kindness and community that lives here.

“To the donors who have given to the college and its students, I deeply appreciate your support. The stipend I received will make my final year at the UW that much more manageable and productive. Thank you very much!”

Our students and their families continue to grapple with reduced work or job losses during the pandemic, making financial and academic stability especially difficult. We appreciate your support and generosity to help keep our student community strong.

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