Applied Research Consortium

June 30, 2021

CBE adopts new strategic framework

ARC embodies the mission, vision, and values of the College

The work of ARC lies at the heart of the new Strategic Framework that was adopted by the College of Built Environments in February 2021 under the leadership of Dean Renée Cheng. The new framework proposes a singular focus: working collaboratively across our disciplines to realize a more just and beautiful world.

The framework is held up by three pillars: collaboration and impact, bold thought leadership, and equitable and just practices. “By articulating our mission, vision, and values in the CBE strategic plan, it’s easy to see alignment with our industry and community partners,” said Dean Renée Cheng. “ARC serves as an essential platform to work together on accelerating innovative research along all three pillars of the plan.”

The framework proposes that the College of Built Environments:

  • Build its reputation as a beacon of inter- and intra-disciplinary collaboration, known for the skill of its graduates and the facility of its faculty and staff in bridging disciplinary differences.
  • Embrace inter- and intra-disciplinary collaboration as a core curricular value that shapes all student experiences and professional practice.
  • Activate academic and professional partnerships unique to CBE in order to accelerate collective progress towards these goals.
  • Ensure the most positive, welcoming experiences possible for prospective students, students, and graduates.
  • Focus investment primarily towards efforts that maximize the positive impact on our goals.

Faculty, staff, students, professionals, and other members of the extended CBE community all engaged in a collaborative, 20-month process to create the framework, which will guide the focus and direction of the College for the next three to five years.