Applied Research Consortium

December 21, 2020

Where Are They Now?

Last year’s ARC fellows are making an impact on practice and scholarship.

Vidhya Rajendran (NBBJ)
After completing a year-long research collaboration with NBBJ, Vidhya went to work with ZGF Architects in their Project Performance Team. She has been focusing on sustainability efforts and daylight studies on a couple of projects. She is also working with a tool to calculate the carbon emissions (and hence, the global warming potential) in the use of different building materials.

Haley Wilson (DLR Group)
Haley Wilson is now working at DLR Group in its workplace sector. She has been helping multiple clients — technology companies and federal agencies — on change management strategies for return to work.

Kirk Hochstatter (ZGF)
Kirk Hochstatter continues his PhD research, focusing on partnerships in project delivery, collaborative leadership approaches, and communication technologies. He also instructs digital technology courses in the Construction Management department at the College of Built Environments.